Welcome to the MTA Bridges and Tunnels Toll Payment Website

ATTENTION: Please click here to check for any outstanding Henry Hudson Bridge toll violations.

To begin the process of paying for your toll violations you must select one of the following options:
Please enter a barcoded Receipt Number or a License Plate Number

Barcoded Receipt Number IssuedLearn about Issued Ticket/Bar Code Number

Select the State

License Plate Number Learn about License Plate Number

Please note:
If payment is not received within 15 days from the date marked on the deferred payment notice, your name and license plate number will be placed on a delinquent list for potential legal action and denial of future deferred toll payment requests. Resident and E-ZPass discounts do not apply to deferred tolls.

If after entering your deferred toll number, information does not appear that allows you to pay your amount due, add the number 1 or the number 2 after the digits on the bar code. Or, only enter your license plate number.

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Please call 646-252-7565 if you have a question or need assistance in paying your deferred toll(s).
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